Yankees Sign Starting Pitcher Gio Gonzalez

One of the teams with the highest expectations heading into the 2019 Major League Baseball season is the New York Yankees. This is not a surprise. The Yankees are always one of the highest profile teams in the sport. They also have a payroll that is among the largest. Their fans expect nothing less than a berth in the postseason every year. In 2018, the Yankees won 100 games in Aaron Boone’s first year as manager. However, they were eliminated in the playoffs by the Boston Red Sox. They want things to be different this year.

The Yankees have not made any splashy free agent signings so far this year. They engaged in talks with both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. However, both players wound up signing huge contracts with different teams. Ultimately, the Yankees decided that diving deep into the free agent waters was not in their best interests. However, they did make one addition which could turn out to be a big one. The Yankees signed Gio Gonzalez to a contract for one year. The veteran starting pitcher has had a very good career. It was a surprise that he remained a free agent for as long as he did. It is even more of a surprise that his contract is only a minor league deal.

According to overthemonster.com, Gio Gonzalez agreed to a contract with the Yankees that will pay him a base salary of $3 million if he makes the major league team. There are also incentives included in the deal that could pay him as much as $12 million. It is a very good deal for the Yankees because it comes with very little risk and a large amount of upside if Gonzalez performs the way that he has in the past. Only time will tell if he is able to recapture some of his former glory. He has had a few issues with injuries in recent years. The Yankees are hoping that he can stay healthy so he is available if they need him.

Injuries happen to every pitching staff over the course of a long baseball season. Therefore, the odds are very good that Gonzalez will be called up to the Yankees at some point. It is always good to have an insurance policy where starting pitching is concerned. Having a starting pitcher with the track record of Gio Gonzalez waiting in the wings is a great advantage.