Week 12: OH MY OH-DELL (Video)

This catch put Odell Beckham in the national spotlight, but shouldn't define his career up to this point (Al Bello/Getty Images).

On Sunday Night Football the New York Giants blew a golden opportunity to spoil the Cowboys’ NFC East run.  Unfortunately, even the Giants best game in weeks wasn’t enough to get the win. However, the mass of the post game buzz wasn’t much about the Cowboys at all.

The Giants rookie sensation Odell Beckham Jr. broke the internet with arguably the greatest catch in the history of football.  If you have not seen the catch you either live under a rock, or don’t use social media.  The display of athleticism that was seen on that play left me so speechless that I needed a few days to collect myself before this recap.  To be able to tight rope the sideline while being interfered with, and then rotate in mid air while fully extending one arm behind his head and snagging the ball with his fingertips shouldn’t seem like such a fluid motion.  However, for OBJ that’s exactly what it was.  NBC showed clips of Beckham making similar spectacular catches as a pregame routine.  The guy is a freak.  The Giants season is lost but the optimism of Beckham’s playmaking ability has the future looking up in NY.  Here is the video if you haven’t seen it:

As for the Cowboys, they proved they aren’t the same old ‘Boys.  This is a game Romo and Dallas would usually wind up losing.  I picked the Giants to win for this reason in particular.  I knew Eli would respond well and it seemed like it would be tough for the Giants to blow it after a strong start to the game.  However, the high praised Dallas O-Line gave Romo all day to lead the comeback.  On his game winning TD to Dez Bryant he actually sat in the pocket scanning the field for over 6 seconds.  That is an unheard of amount of protection for a QB in the pocket in the NFL.  Defensively the Giants did better than usually, but the pass rush didn’t help the secondary enough to get it done.  The Cowboys may just be ready to take the leap.

As a Giants fan I wouldn’t mind seeing the team tank the rest of the season in order to rest up players and secure a top pick in the upcoming draft.  If they could land a stud left tackle, it would give room for an imminent Will Beatty release or trade.  Beatty got a franchise left tackle deal and has never been a franchise left tackle.  Honestly, he struggles being an average tackle at times.  Jason Pierre-Paul will be a free agent and I’m sure the Giants want him back.  I’m just not sure if, after another underachieving season, the two sides will be able to come to terms.  That being said maybe the pick will be a premier pass rusher.  Eli and company need a lot of help to get back to the big game.  This will be a pivotal offseason for a rebuilding franchise looking to regain its swagger.

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Featured Image via Al Bello/Getty Images