UPDATE 4/25/16: Brudder Films has released ‘Porzingod’ for Knicks fans everywhere to watch. View it and let us know what you think in the comment section below:

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a film critic nor have I ever watched films/movies with the intent of critically analyzing it. I’m just a Knicks fan who got wind of a movie named ‘Porzingod’ screening at the Tribeca Film Festival and wanted to pay my respects to the almighty Kristaps.

For those of you who don’t know, Porzingod is a tribute to Kristaps Porzingis starring John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci, directed by Conor Byrne and produced by his brother Tyler Byrne, both life-long New York Knicks fans. The short film debuted first at the ‘Sports Shorts’ viewing at the Tribeca Film Festival and was three minutes long. Initially, I was a little upset with how short the film was but after doing some research on average prayer time for Christians, the three-minute prayer seemed reasonable.

Leguizamo and Mucci take turns praying to the ‘Porzingod’ shrine while it’s covered with memories from the Knicks’ past. Items include Patrick Ewing’s sweat, a picture of Reggie Miller with his hands around his throat and a Jeremy Lin plush doll. There were some Knicks fans in attendance, who laughed out loud at seemingly every line of the film. Spike Lee’s laughed the loudest when both actors threw up the ‘LJ’ sign in unison.

By the way, did I mention that I was sitting right behind Spike Lee?

I wasn’t one of the first people who was allowed entry into the packed-out movie theater, but I heard rumbles on social media that Spike would be attending this specific screening because his short film, 2 Fists Up, was going to be played at the end. So I strategically picked a seat directly behind one of the ‘reserved seats’ rows and the man with the Brooklyn Dodgers hat sat down directly in front of me. He saw my Knicks hat, shook my hand and proceeded to scroll on Instagram.

Spike Lee Tribeca Film Festival
An edited picture of the “Do The Right Thing” Director at Tribeca Film Festival 2016.

While I paid most of my attention to the film Porzingod, I found myself peeking at Spike after some lines to get his reaction. When Reggie Miller was negatively brought up in the prayer, he laughed and seemed to enjoy the former Indiana Pacer being viewed in a bad light.

Overall, the short film was hilarious and epitomizes just how far KP has come since he was boo’d on Draft Night. One viewer asked the Byrne brothers if Kristaps has seen the movie yet and they said that one of his brothers has but they aren’t sure if KP has. They’re hopeful that the 7’3 Latvian will see it and make a YouTube reaction video which might be just as great as the film. The Tribeca Film Festival will show Porzingod and the rest of the films in ‘Sports Shorts’ tonight at 6:15 PM and tomorrow at 11:45 AM. More information on those showtimes can be found here.

Don’t live in New York City or can’t make any of the showtimes? Don’t worry, the director said the film will be online Monday so stay tuned to SkyscraperSports.com as we’ll have all the information on how you can watch Porzingod.

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