Trade Deadline Rapidly Approaching for Nets

Brooklyn Nets Tony Brown Trade Deadline
Paul J. Bereswill

Another week has came and gone, and the Brooklyn Nets still suck. Currently riding a 4-game losing streak, wins have been hard to come by for the Nets all season. With the current state of the team and the trade deadline approaching (Feb. 18), the Nets will be stupid not to make any moves.

SELL SELL SELL! That should be the the team’s thought process during the next two weeks leading up to the deadline. Everyone on this team, towel boys included, should be on the trade block if that means draft picks for Brooklyn in return. They do have a few young players that can become the nucleus of this team going forward if everything pans out but, at the moment, the Nets is a joke of a team and they need to do anything possible to make sure this season doesn’t repeat itself in the foreseeable future.

Before we get into what positions need a little boosting, let’s talk about whose going to lead this team going forward. Although interim coach Tony Brown has done a good job thus far with the team especially on the offensive side of the ball, he most definitely isn’t the man moving forward for Brooklyn. As far as coaching candidates go, there is one coach that could give this team an identity that they have been lacking for quite a while, and his name is Tom Thibodeau. We have seen what his team brings to the table each night. It would be a great fit for the Nets, if Coach Thibs decides to follow suit. Along with a Head Coach replacement, the Nets need to find someone to replace Billy King and the vacant GM position.

Going forward, the Nets need to improve their guard play. There hasn’t been anyone to compliment Brook Lopez for quite a few seasons to say the least. And now with Joe Johnson’s contract expiring, the Nets will have a harder time seeing the ball go in the basket. Although with the acquisition of Kevin Durant, all the questions would be answered.

Brooklyn does have one thing going for them being the early play of RHJ and also the potential the 20-year-old Chris McCullough. Chris has just been cleared to make his NBA debut days before his 21st birthday; however the Nets will wait until after the All-Star break to activate him. Both players are extremely young and have amazing potential.

The backcourt is in good hands with Lopez and Thad. Every other position can be upgraded and needs to be upgraded moving forward. If Mikhail Prokhorov wants to carry out his promise, this trade deadline and offseason needs to be a extremely busy one.