The Forgotten Man

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The Forgotten Man?

The New York Yankees are off to a sizzling start despite a lack of production from the bottom of their lineup. Stephen Drew & Didi Gregorious haven’t been a threat at the plate to say the least. Carlos Beltran seems to have forgotten how to hit a baseball as well.

While opposing pitchers have had an easy time with the seven, eight and nine spots in the New York lineup, the top of the order has been a nightmare to face. Specifically, Jacoby Ellsbury has made it easy for the Yankees to forget about the other big contract they sacrificed to sign him in 2013.

Brian Cashman and the Yankees’ front office signed Ellsbury to a massive contract while Robinson Cano was still a free agent which many think is why they didn’t give that money to Cano.

Although Cano didn’t hustle as hard as some would’ve liked while in New York, he produced for the team, something Ellsbury didn’t do last season. This made the Yankee faithful dubious about their offseason acquisition, or lack of acquisition regarding Cano. This year however, Ellsbury has earned every penny of his salary by stealing bases, hitting for average and making spectacular plays in center field.

Robinson Cano had the potential to be one of the next great Yankees and possibly the best second baseman in this storied franchise’s history but gave it all up for the money. Ellsbury went from Boston to New York in a move dared by few thanks to the dollar signs.

Many fans were disappointed, sad and even angered when Cano left in 2013, especially since Jacoby hadn’t performed up to par in 2014. With New York’s starting center fielder on fire in the young season, do Yankees fans still miss Robinson Cano?

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Featured Image via Getty Images, Anthony Causi