The Fall of the 6-Man Rotation

The Fall of the 6-Man Rotation

The 6-man rotation was supposed to be the future of baseball. With an extra day of rest, the starting pitching would have no reason not to be 100% for their designated starts. However, the six man staff for the Mets lasted about as long as Jason Bay.

This move is baffling because the Mets are the perfect team to try to implement a 6-man rotation. It isn’t news to anybody that the Mets have put an innings cap on youngsters Noah Syndergaard and Jacob DeGrom, as well as Matt Harvey. Terry Collins emphatically stated that the purpose of the 6-man rotation would be to let guys like Colon, Niese, and Gee continue to pitch while scratching a few starts off for the aforementioned starters in the process. However, after two poor starts by Niese and Gee, and Terry decided he had seen enough.

While Niese hasn’t been pitching great this season, the Mets chose to keep him in the starting rotation because he is the sole lefty on the staff. This leaves Dillon Gee heading to the bullpen after one start back from the disabled list. Gee obviously isn’t going to strike the world out or overpower anyone at the plate, but he is a work horse with great movement and control. It’s hard to expect anyone to pitch phenomenal after just returning from the DL which is what makes this decision confusing. Gee has been a solid starter for the Mets year after year and he deserves better. Unfortunately for him, the abundance of pitching makes him the odd man out.

Sources close to the team claim that the Mets are openly shopping Gee and/or Niese in order to make room for their other top pitching prospect, Steven Matz. If this is true, he will no doubt have an innings cap that will presumably carry over from the minors, so why not add another spot to the rotation? Terry Collins has already said that they will skip a few starts from guys here and there so I really get the sense that this club has no idea how they are going to handle this. Having so much talented pitching is a tremendous thing, but in typical Mets fashion they are finding a way screw things up.

Featured Image via Anthony J. Causi