NY Mets And Yankees Can’t Come To Trade Agreement On Jay Bruce

The 30-year old Jay Bruce is a hot prospect at the moment. He is a player for the New York Mets, but there are other teams interested in acquiring him. The main team interested in getting him is the other team from the city. The New York Yankees have reportedly offered many different types of deals for Jay Bruce. The only problem is, they are not willing to take on the full amount remaining on his salary with the Mets.

This was not a problem for the Cleveland Indians who were in fact willing to pay out the remaining five million dollars left on Bruce’s salary. They sent pitcher Ryder Ryan from their single A baseball affiliate to the Mets as well.

The Cleveland Indians are the defending American League Champions. They are looking to make a return deep into the post-season. They are currently seated at the top of the American League Central division. That means that they have a pretty good chance of making the post-season. Just how far they are able to get is a very good question.

Bruce already has 29 home runs this season. Everyone expects that he will set his career high this year unless he suffers an injury. This is because his career record is 34 in one season. Bruce has gotten hot at just the right time for his own career as well as for the Cleveland Indians who just acquired him.

Michael Brantley has been placed on the injured reserve list for the Indians at the moment, so it is very likely that Jay Bruce will step up to play that role on the team right away. He should start in that spot until Brantley is able to return. At that point the team will have a tough decision to make about where to put Bruce on their team.

The deal is something that the Mets were looking for, and it is something that the Indians needed to help their chances of making the playoffs, and hopefully doing just as well as they did last year. Making another World Series is a dream that few could scarcely imagine.