NY Mets Start Off With A Spark

Being a fan of the New York Mets has meant season after season of disappointment for those fans. They have seen their beloved team overshadowed by the much more powerful and much more closely followed Yankees. It seems like it is the same story year in and year out. However, at this particular moment in time we are seeing a Mets team that is doing something that no Mets team has done before. That is that they are starting off on a team record winning streak to open the season.

The team currently has a record of 12-2 making them the second best team in baseball right now (only behind the Boston Red Sox) and even the folks at FiveThirtyEight seem a bit surprised. They have reported that while a fourteen game sample size is far too small to know all of the answers about how any given team will do for the rest of the season, it is an encouraging sign for Mets fans around the country. It does seem to at least hint at the idea that a healthy Mets team could be one that competes with the big boys of baseball.

The Mets have largely relied on a string of incredible pitchers to pull them through the season. They have had a roster stocked full of them. It has meant that teams have found it difficult to get on base against the Mets. That makes a game a lot easier to win when all you have to do is find a run or two of your own to take the W. That has been the formula up to this point, but now the Mets are starting to add some hitting power to the team as well.

Not only are the Mets starting to get more hitting production out of their lineup, but that lineup has been healthier in general. That tends to make life a lot easier as well. Getting guys healthy has meant that the team has not struggled as much as it has in the last couple of years to find runs of their own. Perhaps this is why they are off to such an impressive start.

There is still a lot more baseball to be played and things could always change. However, for the time being it is looking a lot more encouraging around New York if you happen to be a loyal and true Mets fan.