NY Mets Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Heading into the 2018 Major League Baseball season, most baseball experts and analysts were predicting the New York Mets would have a strong showing this season. Even with high expectations, the Mets have still managed to exceed those expectations. The New York Mets have the best start ever of their storied franchise and also hold the best record in baseball at this point with a record of 10-1. The only loss coming in the third game of the season to the Cardinals. Since that loss, they have been able to go on an 8-game win streak. During that span of 8 games, the Mets managed to sweep three different teams. All three of those teams just so happened to be in the Mets own Division, the National League East. This bodes well for a team looking to make a push in the playoffs this year. It goes without saying that winning is essential to making the playoffs, but if a team can dominate in their own respective division that will make all the difference at the end of the year.

There are many factors that could be attributed to the success of the NY Mets this season. The Mets were busy in the off-season acquiring names such as the third baseman Todd Frazier, right fielder Jay Bruce, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pitcher Anthony Swarzak, and also manager Mickey Callaway. New York Mets fans everywhere are ecstatic about where the season may take them. The looming possibilities of injuries are apparent for every major league team in any sport. But at this moment in time, the Mets are built for a run in the playoffs. The starting rotation of pitchers is filled with young arms. The infielders and outfielders are now stacked with veteran players with years of experience. Ahmed Rosario, the starting shortstop, is the only field player with little experience at age 22.

The baseball season is very long and unforgiving. Teams often go through many highs and lows all within one season. For fans who are just waiting for a breakout season from the Mets need to remember that this season so far is equivalent to an NFL team having played one game. The expectations are high for the Mets and they also have lots of potential going forward. With 151 games remaining, the key elements for the Mets’ success are staying healthy and staying consistent.