NY Knicks select Frank Ntilikina with No. 8 pick in NBA Draft

The New York Knicks have been brought up frequently in the early stages of the NBA off-season. Big names such as Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps Porzingis being rumored to be on the trading block has had a lot to do with this. However, the 2017 NBA Draft came upon the league and no big moves managed to happen. The Knicks stayed at the eighth pick overall, and ended up taking another European player this year. This time, they selected a frenchman, point-guard Frank Ntilikina. A player that the Knicks believe has a lot of promise with a 7-3 wingspan and a selfless playstile. He’s currently playing in the French League where he hasn’t quite proven himself, scoring only 5.2 points in 18.3 minutes this last season with Strasbourg. Still, Knicks president of basketball decisions, Phil Jackson, believes Ntilikina was the right selection for them. Jackson stated, “He plays the role well. He ‘s a good role player. I think he’s a good fit for us. The big thing we liked about him is he’s got size. Our game is really about length and about activity.” According to Jackson’s observations, Ntilikina may just be a good fit for the Knicks and their triangle offense. This wouldn’t be the first time that an international player finds success in the Knicks organization. The Knicks already have two core European players including center, Willy Hernangomez from Spain, and forward, Kristaps Porzingis from Latvia. Simply put, Phil Jackson takes more of a liking to the European development system in comparison to what goes on here in the United States. He states, “I’ve think we’ve downplayed what the quality of the game is out there (in Europe) a little bit. We’ve overlooked it in the NBA.” Knicks fans can only hope that Jackson knows what he’s doing, as he’s made some questionable decisions in the past. That being said, it is hard to say what his next move will be with rumors flying around about trades heading into the off-season. Regardless, Jackson stuck to his gut in this year’s NBA Draft by taking another European player in Frank Ntilikina. Only time will tell if the decision was the correct one.