NBA Lottery Looms Big for the Knicks

While it is true that Knicks fans are lamenting yet another NBA postseason without anyone to cheer for, there is still a swirl of activity looming around the front office. With the draft lottery coming up, perhaps this is the year that the Knicks will finally get a top tier player to add to their roster. Let’s face it – the team does not appear to be far away from finally putting all of the pieces together to make a run at the playoffs themselves. Unfortunately, that has been the same old story for more off seasons than fans care to recount at the moment. Back to the story…

With the lottery coming up, the Knicks can finally exercise their demons. It is time to focus on the prospects that are out there, and there are quite a few of them. DeAndre Ayton from Arizona, Marvin Bagly fro Duke, and Luka Doncic from Slovenia are just the tips of the ice berg. Just imagine what any of these players can do for a Knicks roster that is already young and hungry to win. With a new coach yet to be named, this is finally that opportunity for a new beginning that the team has been looking for.

To be fair, the lottery has been less than kind for the Knicks. Even though they have consistently been one of the worst teams in the league for at least the last decade, if not more, they have little to show for it. Perhaps the change of scenery this year will be good for them. Until now, the lottery has always been held in either New York or New Jersey. It is just too close to home. Hosting it in Chicago this year might be what is needed to break the tide and bring home a top 3 selection. Knicks fans everywhere are hoping so.