Before I go into what I want to talk about, I have to mention what I saw when I traveled to Denver a few weeks ago. At the hostel I was staying at, they had the Rockies’ schedule up. Each box is labeled home and away and color sorted like every other schedule, except for six games. These six games were their own color. The category for those six games, “Opening Day, Fireworks, YANKEES.”

The New York Yankees are the definition of average over the past 2-3 seasons, but that name, that logo, it still carries a lot of meaning around baseball. Seeing that box on the Rockies schedule, first made me crack up, but second it reminded me what this team means to the sport. The Yankees sell out almost everywhere they travel too, they are a team that gets attention no matter what. Thanks Colorado for the reminder.

Finally, a week off! More rest for players who have been constantly rested and yet still not performing to what is needed, even if what is needed isn’t possible anymore for some guys (Yeah Mark and Alex I’m talking about you).

There are reasons, there are people to point fingers at, and there are moves that will be made in the next three weeks. The Yankee season will boil down to these first 13 games out of the break, 10 of which are played at home so get out and go see them.

They play Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Houston over the next two weeks. Doesn’t sound like the easiest of stretches.

Myself, like many of you, and many other bloggers listen to a lot of sports radio. We are lucky and live in a media market that talks sports 24/7 on multiple stations. We have all heard every possible opinion, scenario, criticism, and idea that people have. It opens our views and gives us a heck of a lot of information consider when creating our own opinions.

But, you know what ticks me off when I listen to these shows? Being labeled as this 23-year-old SPOILED baseball fan who has only seen great things. Like it’s my fault that I was born in 1993 and got to witness one of the greatest twenty year stretches in Yankee baseball, sorry all of baseball ever. Like we as New York fans haven’t sat through the dreadful Islander days, or watching the Jets, and Knicks and now the Nets.

I’m sorry for not only appreciating greatness by continuing to buy merchandise and tickets to my favorite team, but becoming a person who wants it every day. It’s not even a sport thing at this point, you should want greatness in everything you do in everyday life. So yeah we want the team we root for to be great all the time, is it realistic? Hell no! But that doesn’t mean we can’t want it.

I get so mad when I hear these hosts throw the word spoiled out when fans call up. Look I understand there are some not so bright fans that really don’t get it and those people should be labeled spoiled. When I hear them ask how old you are and then they group us together, it’s the most frustrating few minutes of radio to listen too.

For the most part we understand what’s happening here with this Yankee organization. This has been a rebuilding process and if you aren’t okay with a few year commitment to that (I consider this year 2 of rebuild) go root for the Mets, we don’t need you.

Why can’t we still want greatness during the rebuild? Greatness doesn’t have to be winning a World Series every year, or even making the playoffs. We want to see guys giving 100% every night, we want to see the desire to win, the heart of a champion before they become champions. Just in case you were wondering, you don’t get a new heart when you win a championship.

So stop calling all of us in our mid 20’s spoiled. Give more of us a chance to talk and listen to our opinions as well. We understand that in our lifetime we may never again see a twenty year stretch in which our favorite team wins five championships. The bar has been set, and us “spoiled” fans will forever be chasing that level of greatness and to be honest with you, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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