Mets Ace Noah Syndergaard Tries Hand at Television

Noah Syndergaard, the hard-throwing, currently injured ace of the New York Mets pitching staff, has long been called “Thor.” His flowing blonde hair and steely-eyed appearance have given him the look of a Norse god rather than a baseball pitcher. Though he’s been sidelined for much of the 2017 season, Syndergaard’s television career seems to be getting its start. He was featured in a cameo appearance on the popular television show “Game of Thrones,” throwing a spear before meeting his end in a fiery battle with a dragon.

Syndergaard appeared as a part of the Lannister army, taking part in one of the most dramatic battle scenes in the entire series. He was decked out in full army regalia, appearing to fit into the army except for his tall stature. While some might wonder what Syndergaard is doing filming a television show while he is supposed to be rehabbing his injured throwing shoulder, the pitcher made it clear that he had filmed the scene during baseball’s offseason. Because of his popularity with the Mets and his unique appearance, he was a natural fit for a show that often uses cameos with famous people to draw attention to its brand. In a previous episode, the show’s creators used popular singer Ed Sheeran.

Syndergaard may have been chosen by the show’s creators because of more than just his appearance. He is also a noted fan of the show. In the past, the has been quoted as believing that “Game of Thrones” is the best television show ever made. Combined with the willingness of the pitcher to talk about the show on social media, may have delighted the show’s creators enough that they chose to give him a role. While it was a fun thing to do once, there is no indication that Syndergaard will have a continuing role in “Game of Thrones” or in any other television show. In fact, because his character was eviscerated by the fiery breath of one of the show’s dragons, he is effectively finished as a “Game of Thrones” contributor.

Syndergaard is expected to return to the Mets sometimes at the end of this season. He first suffered the injury in May after refusing to undergo an MRI for a previous, nagging injury.