Lady Liberty Rangers Jerseys

Lady Liberty New York Rangers Jerseys
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A uniform unites a team, it symbolizes a team and some uniforms even symbolize a culture. In baseball, when you see the navy blue pinstripes, people automatically associate the Yankees to the notorious uniform. But what happened to the Liberty jersey that the New York Rangers used to wear? The Lady Liberty sums up what New York is all about. The passion and desire that she represents has summed up Rangers hockey for generations.

The Statue of Liberty is a New York and American landmark. What could be more New York than the team playing in the world’s most famous arena wearing a jersey with the Statue of Liberty on them? It is American and it belongs to our city. The dark navy jersey with the red coming up the sleeve with the great Lady Liberty on the front of the jersey was one of the best uniforms in sports history.

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The Rangers are an organization that likes to be strict with tradition, and that is understandable. So why throw away the tradition of the great city that supports you? Even both Winter Classic jerseys are never worn today. Both of those were an alternate that looked awesome, yet they’ve never worn them after. The cream color with the shield logo made it seem like a jersey worn on the pond back when hockey was just becoming a sport. And the white jersey with New York down across the chest looked real corporate, which is a great representation of New York City.

This might sound like a rant, or me saying that I don’t like the jerseys they wear now. However I love their jerseys now, especially the alternate with the cream collar. I just believe that the Liberty jersey is one of the nicer jerseys in NHL history, and they were worn by some legendary players. Brian Leetch, Wayne Gretzky, Mike Richter all wore this jersey; and if it’s good enough for those legends, it should be good enough now. Bring it Back!