Jets Starting Quarterback Proves Why He Is The Starter

The starting quarterback for the New York Jets showed the sports world why he is their leader. He only played eight snaps in the pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans, but he contributed a lot more even after his plays were done.

Josh McCown is the man’s name, and he has certainly earned the respect of a lot of his coaches and fellow teammates. This is because as soon as his plays in the game were over, he went to the sideline to put on a headset and start listening in to what was happening on the field. He still wanted to help direct the backups on things that they could improve on.

McCown is thirty-eight years old and has championed the role of being a mentor for the other quarterbacks on the team. This is a great role for a quarterback whose time in the league. The coaches say that McCown is a very vocal leader on the sideline. They say that he is almost like another coach. He has had a lot of experiences in the league, and that helps to translate to the advice and mentorship that McCown can offer.

It turns out that McCown is not only a great leader on the sideline, but he also produced the only points for the Jets throughout the whole game. The final score of the pre-season game ended up being seven to three. Josh McCown went three for four and seventy-two yards plus a touchdown.

Even with his abilities, many teams have placed him in the mentorship role in the past. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cleveland Browns have both asked the quarterback to play the role of mentor.

Hackenberg is the backup for Josh McCown, and he is still learning the ropes of how to be a good quarterback for the team. He has had to grow up quick in the league so to speak. He had two instances in which the play clock ran down too low on him and the coach had to call a timeout. Each time McCown had to go out and talk to the backup about keeping his head in the game and what he was doing.

These are the reasons why the Jets put McCown on a six million dollar, one-year contract. They are starting to see the benefits of having made that move. He is helped to really foster a strong sense of leadership in the next crop of quarterbacks.