Jets Get Blown Out by Patriots

It has been another terrible season for the New York Jets. The team has been embarrassing for a very long time. However, they suffered one of the worst losses in the history of the franchise on Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots. The Jets lost the game by a score of 33-0. Jets QB Sam Darnold had the worst game of his career by a very wide margin. Worse than that, it was one of the worst performances by a QB in the history of the NFL. It was a nightmare that might take the Jets a very long time to recover from.

Darnold had missed several games with mono. He was given a clean bill of health. However, that did not help his performance at all. He was picked off by the Patriots defense four times in the game. He also lost a fumble that was nearly taken back for a touchdown. It was a game where literally everything went wrong. The media ripped into the Jet players and coaching staff after the game. Local New York sports talk hosts called for Jets head coach Adam Gase to be fired. This is not surprising when you consider that the Jets only have one win in their first seven games.

The Patriots have a long history of making life miserable for the Jets. This game only continued that trend. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has some bad blood with the Jets. He loves to get revenge on them and make them look silly. He was able to do that yet again. It is not a stretch to say that the Jets did everything wrong on Monday night. Their offense could not generate any sustained drives. Their defense could not keep the Patriots off the scoreboard for any length of time. It was a complete embarrassment for the Jets and their fans.

Where do the Jets go from here? Some people are saying that Darnold should take a seat for a few games. However, it is not likely that the Jets will decide to go in that direction. They will most likely give Sam a chance for the rest of the season. The coaching staff and the front office know that young QBs make mistakes. Therefore. Darnold needs to be given time to develop. With a record of 1-6, the Jets have no chance of making the playoffs this year.