James Harden x GQ at Bloomingdale’s

James Harden GQ Bloomingdale's
James Harden x GQ at Bloomingdale’s

Now considered an elite player in the NBA, James Harden is big-time, and so is his fashion. NBA players are some of the best-dressed athletes in the world and James is near the top of that list.

To celebrate NBA All-Star weekend, Harden made an appearance at Bloomingdale’s 59th street location to chat it up with some media, take pictures with fans and even get a couple shots up on a mini basketball hoop. New Yorkers got on him after missing his first two shots on the mini hoop and he seemed a little surprised. That’s how it goes in New York James, if you don’t succeed, you get heckled…just ask the Knicks this season.

GQ James Harden Bloomingdale
James Harden stylin’ and profilin’ with Bloomingdale’s CEO Tony Spring. Image via Patrick Butler.

Mr. Harden stayed for about 45 minutes before being escorted to an elevator with dozens of fans trying to get pictures and autographs. He actually stopped to take pictures with a couple fans along the way, but Bloomingdale’s staff were insistent on James not doing so and heading to the elevator. It’s unknown as to whether they had something else planned for him after or if they just wanted to end the event, but a lot of fans, especially kids, left disappointed.

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With what was supposed to be an exclusive event, it turned out to be an open event which didn’t make some people too happy. I talked to some ballers who play in a league in NYC and were invited to the event and they told me,

“What was the point of my exclusive invite if people off the streets got their picture taken with Harden and I didn’t?”

Bloomingdale’s tried making it up to those players by offering them tini basketballs with “Bloomingdale’s” plastered on it, but they weren’t interested in the least bit.

There were food and drinks given out at the event, as well as free shaves & haircuts, so it wasn’t all bad for the invitees.

There was NBA apparel there that included throwback Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jerseys, All-Star basketballs & Knicks and Nets SnapBack hats. If you’re interested in NBA All-Star gear, Fanatics.com has a huge selection where you’re bound to find something you like.

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