Is Wilmer Flores the SS of the Future?

Shortstop of the Future?

Ask any Mets fan about Wilmer Flores and most of the answers will be something along the lines of “he sucks.” We are more than a quarter of the way through the long season, and it’s still tough to judge just how poor he has been. Wilmer has had moments where he’s looked like the shortstop of the future, and he’s also had moments where he has left fans begging Sandy Alderson to ship him elsewhere.

He shows glimpses in the field of being a viable defensive shortstop, but then he will go and throw a ball 10 feet over Duda’s head at first base. Not only is he a poor thrower, but he also has awful range which is usually a recipe for disaster in the middle infield. For a team that is relying on its strong pitching depth to eventually lead them to the promise land, it is baffling that they choose to run with poor defensive middle infielders. The Mets also lack speed, which is another thing that Wilmer does not bring to the table. You would think that with the type of team that the Mets have, they would like a speedy shortstop with range who could fill in that lead off role, yet they still choose to run with Flores.

In addition to Wilmer’s below average defense, his batting average isn’t anything to write home about either. He has shown the ability to hit curveballs but he hasn’t been hitting anything consistently. His OBP isn’t much higher than his batting average because he barely ever walks. Wilmer doesn’t necessarily strike out a lot, but he does it enough to be considered prone to it. The one and only part of Wilmer’s game that isn’t below average is his knack for the long ball. Through the quarter mark of the season, he leads all shortstops in home runs. If he can find a way to boost his average, he would be considered one of the best hitting shortstops in the game.

Wilmer Flores would be the bonafide shortstop of the future for the Mets if he were to ever find a way to increase his average. If a team can have a shortstop with outstanding offensive numbers, they will take the defensive bumps that come along with the player. So, for now Wilmer may “suck” or be “terrible,” but he is only 23 years old and his future is bright.

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Featured Image via Andrew Theodorakis