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In our last interview with Elliot Gerard, he was creating illustrations for Turtle Beach, ESPN and Fansided. Now he’s working with Game Point Magazine to create a quarterly basketball magazine. I got a chance to talk with Elliot as well as Andrew McNeill, the Founder of Game Point, about their plans for their new magazine:

Steven Tsakanikas: What is Game Point?

Elliot Gerard: A magazine that’s going to represent basketball in more than just words and photographs of players. It’s going to be an art piece where each article is going to have an illustration or painting representing what the article is talking about. As an artist myself, I think that editorial pieces with illustrations make the story read better. Your audience will picture the story in their own head, but to see it from a standpoint of another artist’s perspective of what the author is writing, I think it brings a whole new level to articles. I think it’s becoming more and more a part of the industry, but not where it should be.

Steven: Who’s launching Game Point?

Andrew McNeill: We’ve got an incredibly talented group of people who have come together to create Game Point. On the visual side, we have people like Jack Perkins, Ryan Simpson, Chelsey Boehnke, Chris Edser, J.O. Applegate, Caleb Saenz, Will Tullos and Matthew Hollister all excited to create pieces for Game Point. On the editorial side we’ve got Mirin Fader, Graydon Gordian, Mike Monroe, Michael Pina, Matthew Tynan, Jared Wade and Lang Whitaker all doing stories for the first issue. There will be other people who contribute pieces as well, as each issue will be over 100 pages long, but that’s the group that we have confirmed right now.

Steven: Why was Game Point created?

Elliot: If you look at HP Quarterly, it’s great and they have a very similar vision to what we’re doing but it’s digital. People are so afraid of print now these days, so although it’s ambitious to have both, I like it because I think people will appreciate the artwork in print form. With digital, there are so many illustrations out there and I feel like people don’t look at them as much as they could. When it’s on print, you can sit there and take it in more. Not only that it’s on print, but I think that’s what brings it to another level. Also, I believe that since all the articles are going to have illustrations, it’s going to take it to another level too. You look at a lot of these magazines that’ll just put a picture of the player or graphic, but I don’t think that captures the essence of articles. For me, working with writers makes me a better artist.

Game Point Magazine
Game Point Magazine

Steven: What types of articles will Game Point include?

Andrew: With Game Point being a quarterly publication, there’s less of a need to focus on what’s current with the basketball world. Obviously, if Steph Curry continues to do Steph Curry things, that will warrant some coverage of him in the pages of the magazine. But we want to create written features that deep dive into topics and characters that our readers will find interesting and create pieces that won’t be out of date just a week or two after being released.

Steven: Elliot, what role will you play in Game Point?

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Elliot: It’s yet to be seen but I’ve created little social media ads and I’ve talked to Andrew about layouts for the magazine as well. My goal would be to work with Game Point as more than just an illustrator, as an art director and if we get to this point, a creative director. I think for now I’d like to be able to have a chance to layout the articles or at least the articles that I’m working on myself.

Steven: When can we get our hands on a Game Point magazine?

Andrew: If all goes according to plan, the first issue will be mailing by the time the next NBA season tips off in late October.

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