Fantasy Football Christmas List

Fantasy Football Christmas ListFantasy Football Christmas List
J.C. Rice

Dear Santa,

There are plenty of needy children who deserve gifts and happiness this year. I send you this list asking for some gifts for next year so you can focus on those in need this year. So without further ado here is my list for next year.

  1. Please make more than 3 players in the first round not busts.

Santa was not cool this year man. Le’Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, C.J. Anderson, Dez Bryant, Jeremy Hill, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers. I mean at this point let’s just start the draft in the second round.

  1. Please make coaches stop using committee backfields.

Just make it stop, sincerely every fantasy football player ever.

  1. Please get Demaryius Thomas, Mike Evans and Amari Cooper new gloves.

Santa please help them. They can’t catch. If they had new gloves maybe, just maybe, they would turn their 15 targets a game into a few more catches.

  1. Please get Eddie Lacy a Bowflex.

Eddie Lacy or the “Grinch who ruined the first round” was absolutely awful this year. He was a consensus top 5 pick and he absolutely stunk. Coming into a contract year, Lacy needs to get in shape and back to his old ways. Please Santa I can’t handle another season of Eddie walking around the sidelines while James Starks scores touchdowns.

  1. Please get Todd Gurley a QB.

Please Santa. If defenses didn’t stack the box every play, Gurley would be the consensus #1 guy for 2016. Without a viable passing threat, Gurley’s potential will be capped so this would be the best gift ever.

Santa if you can help me with any of these I promise to be a good boy.

Sincerely, AJ and every other fantasy player ever

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