Eric Decker Football ProCamp

Eric Decker Football ProCamp

Eric Decker held his second annual football ProCamp in Scotch Plains, New Jersey on June 6th. 250 kids learned the fundamentals of the game from Decker as well as college and high school football coaches. There were all sorts of drills for the young football players to participate in and learn something from an NFL pro. This was a great opportunity for the kids as Eric is someone they can look up to after achieving success in his NFL career so far.

At the media portion of the camp, I caught up with Decker and asked him a few questions about the upcoming season for the Jets.

Chris Lograsso: After finishing 4-12 last season, what can we expect from the Jets this season?

Eric Decker: We did a good job picking guys up free agent-wise and drafting well, I think it should be a different team for sure. We still have a little ways to go as far as learning a new system and building that comradery with everyone and the new coaching staff, but I’m excited. On paper, I think we look good. Now it’s about putting the work in and translating it to Sundays.

Eric Decker took some time to answer a few questions from our Jets Author, Chris LoGrasso.

CL: From Rex Ryan to Todd Bowles, what differences or similarities have you seen between both of them so far?

ED: Both guys are brilliant defensively since they’re defensive-minded coaches. Everyone has different styles of coaching. In Denver, I had two different coaches there. In New York now I had two different coaches. Every coach has a different style, you just need to learn to understand it, communicate it, and both of them did a tremendous job but in a different way.

CL: Since OTA’s just ended and minicamp is starting, do you have any personal goals going into this season? Going against this defense is going to be tough in practice.

ED: Yeah, I always set goals. It’s nice because we got Darrelle, Cro and Buster. When you go against some of the best corners in the NFL, it makes you better because you have to compete everyday. That’s what I’m excited for, we’re going to push each other to be great and I’m looking forward to having a successful season.

Decker is coming off of a 900+ yard season while still looking to improve his game and he seems excited to be a New York Jet. The front office spent the most money in the NFL this offseason, over $180 million, on only defense and then traded for Marshall and Stacy. The Jets haven’t reached the postseason since 2010 and look prime to be in the race for a spot this upcoming season.

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