You can not spell elite without ELI.

The most disrespected player in NFL history did it again on Sunday night and led the Giants to a huge victory. When Carlos Hyde plunged into the end zone with a little under two minutes to go, it seemed like a bad case of deja vu. Eli said wait just a minute now, did you forget who I am?

The two-time Super Bowl MVP led one of the more improbable drives I have ever seen. The 49ers’ defense is formidable, as they held Aaron Rodgers to just 17 points a week earlier and Eli had a group of misfits to work with. Sixth round pick Geremy Davis on the outside, special teamer Duane Harris in the slot and practice squad call up Myles White on the other side, wait who? Exactly.

Manning methodically moved the ball down the field and ended the drive with a dime to Larry Donnell. The media loves to show the stupid faces, the blunders and the miscues but what about this? Giant fans, I need you to understand something. We have been blessed with the career of Eli Manning. For over a decade we have had a top 10 quarterback in football and a proven winner. I would not take any quarterback in this league (not named Rodgers or Brady) over Eli, no question about it. Sure, he does some things that make you say, what the hell was he thinking? But more often than not, he puts the team in a position to win with his poise and ability to run this offense. The media needs to show him love.

Now, for Ron Jaworski. Most of my twitter followers know about the ongoing feud I have with ESPN’s Ron Jaworski. Over the summer he released a list ranking Eli Manning behind Matthew Stafford and Joe Flacco in terms of quarterback play. UnbELIevable! What qualifies him to analyze quarterbacks? He’s an Eagles fan who had a second rate career that doesn’t deserve to lick Eli’s cleats. Ron favorites my tweets to him but I want more. After what he did last night, Eli deserves a public apology from Jaworski. Eli deserves better.