Disappointing Season in Brooklyn Sets up Key Summer for Sean Marks

Sean Marks Brooklyn Nets

Only one game separates the Brooklyn Nets and their offseason. Finally, something for Nets fans to look forward to.

Brooklyn just lost their 9th consecutive game after winning back-to-back games against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers which now seems like an eternity ago. Once the Nets decided to shut down both Lopez and Young, it was evident that there wouldn’t be many wins left in the season.

The Nets are clearly going through a rebuilding phase and with 21 wins to show for this season, Sean Marks has his work cut out for him this upcoming off-season. There are too many holes to be filled within this team, from coaches to players. Headlining this offseason will be many top-tier draftees, but the Nets will have to stick with free agent signings.

The one thing I expect moving forward with Sean Marks is for the Nets to find an identity. The team has been in Brooklyn for almost 5 seasons now and the only time they had some sort of identity was with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on the roster. It’s been a rough ride for this franchise, but I can see Sean Marks turning things around in the foreseeable future.

Every team’s goal going into the season is championship or bust. The Nets won’t realistically have a chance at winning one before the team across the bridge will. That being said, the next 3-5 years will be extremely important for the Nets. That time period can be cut in half with the signings of a few superstars, but let’s be realistic. No big name player would come to Brooklyn to play on a team that just won 21 games. But then again, they might.

All in all, after Wednesday’s game the Brooklyn Nets will have gone through one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Nothing will surmount the 09-10 season, but this one was equally as painful to watch. The difference between a bad season then vs. now is that the Nets play in a big market now. There isn’t much leeway to struggle in a New York market.

It’s a dog eat dog world, if what happened this season continues then you can assure even more wholesale changes in Brooklyn.

P.S. If you’re not interested in catching Kobe’s last game or the Warriors going for history on Wednesday, the Nets will be playing the Raptors at 8 PM.