Dear Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin Fire New York Giants

Dear Tom Coughlin,

I know times are changing and with them we change too. Our relationship has hit some awesome highs over the last twelve years, with some bumps in between. You always seem to know how to surprise me even when my faith in you is at an all time low. You always seem to have some tricks up your sleeve, but I think those tricks have run out. Time has a funny way of creeping up on people and I think your time has come.

Am I as ignorant as the rest of the fan base calling for your head? No I am not. Do I know so much more about football then all of them? Yes I do.

Every questionable decision you have made this year has followed a similar theme. You put the ball in your players’ hands to win or lose a game. They do not lose because of you, they lose because they stink. They lose because they simply can not execute.

A purist understands there are two things a head coach must do. One is he must give his team a chance to win, which you have done. The other is that he must not lose the game, and you don’t do that either.

I get the arguments that people will have to the contrary here but YOU sir are not losing these games. The lack of leadership and lack of depth is what is losing us these games and I understand that Tom.

I love you but I think it is just time to move on. Just like we outgrew Playstation and Santa Claus, I think you have outgrown the Giants. Your resume speaks for itself, you my friend, are a legend and simply one of the best to ever do it. I just think we are in different places right now, we are going in different directions. It’s not you, it is us. We just are not good enough for you anymore.

As a friend once told me, we had a good run Tom.

We can still be friends if you want.

Love Always,

New York Giants fans everywhere


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