Can the New York Jets Make the Playoffs This Year?

New York Jets Outlook

Before the 2017 season, most NFL fans thought that the New York Jets were one of the worst teams in the league. Some people even predicted that the Jets would finish the year with no wins. The Jets surprised everyone with the team’s performance throughout the season. Although the team finished with a losing record, it was a much better season than most fans expected.

The Jets had a solid draft and signed veteran players after the season concluded. Many of the holes on the roster were filled. Looking at the 2018 season, some people believe that the Jets will make the playoffs.

Offensive Issues

One of the most significant holes on the team last year was the offense. The roster had no elite offensive players. Even without a lot of talent, the offense still managed to perform better than most expected.

The team management knew that the offense was the most crucial area to fix after the 2017 season. The Jets drafted Sam Darnold with the team’s first pick. Most draft experts thought that Darnold was the best quarterback in the draft. Although Darnold will not immediately start, he will provide solid depth for the team.

Salary Cap

Another reason for fans to be optimistic is the salary cap situation. Each NFL team must remain under the salary cap level. The Jets have more salary cap space almost any team in the NFL. Salary cap space provides the team flexibility in signing elite players to the roster. The Jets could quickly upgrade the roster with a few significant signings.

Coaching Staff

The coaching staff did an excellent job last year. Most fans are satisfied with the coaching staff so far. However, expectations are higher for the team this year. It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff responds to higher expectations. It has been over a decade since the Jets made the playoffs, and fans are hoping that 2018 is the year the Jets return to playoff contention.