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Inside Camp Melo

After the most important and stressful summer of his life, Carmelo Anthony is back in New York for good. Since Melo is back in New York, that means Camp Melo is too.

ProCamps Worldwide hosted their 10th annual Camp Melo at Baruch College in Manhattan on Saturday, September 13th. Children up to the age of 18 were able to interact with Melo and learn the fundamentals of the game from one of the best.

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Anthony was interacting with the campers in a multitude of ways. From keeping his 10-year knockout winning streak alive to answering questions to taking pictures with every team, Melo was doing it all with a huge smile on his face. He replied to a camper’s question regarding the second best player on the New York Knicks with, “I think we have a lot of good players this year” as it brought laughter to people around the gym. He also said Kevin Durant and LeBron James are equally as hard to guard and that “it depends on the night you get them.”

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Anthony’s son, Kiyan, participated in the camp as well and was one of the highlights. He almost got a chance to go up against his dad in knockout in front of 250 campers and their families before getting eliminated. His teammate drove past him and converted the layup after taking contact all with Carmelo recording. Melo joked, “As soon as I come here, you lose!”

The media, which included Ian Begley from, Jonah Ballow from and Kristy Hill from had their own time to ask Melo some questions. Anthony said that after the season, he was angry and got in the gym after only one week. He also spoke on Atlanta Hawks’ GM Danny Ferry’s comments about Luol Deng having “a little African in him.” Melo said, “There ain’t nobody who would want togo there.”

Melo takes some time to speak with the media

I got the opportunity to work this camp for the second straight year and see what it takes to make a sports camp successful. Planning, recruiting and coordinating takes weeks and weeks to perfect. This ultimately results in happy campers, happy families and a happy Carmelo Anthony. As I told Carmelo all this work was done for him, he quickly responded, “It ain’t for me, it’s all to make the kids happy.”

All in all, Camp Melo was a success for the 10th straight year as campers got a chance to interact with one of the best in the game and the media got to catch up with him a few weeks before training camp. Stay tuned to for everything New York Knicks and NBA as the season is rapidly approaching.

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