Brooklyn Nets: How Soon is too Soon to Wave White Flag?

Brooklyn Nets Jarret Jack
Getty Images

It’s a month into the NBA season and there’s plenty of buzz around the association, as should be. Unfortunately, there’s nothing but silence around the borough of Brooklyn these days. It’s only 16 games into the season, but is it time to wave the white flag and rebuild around Brook Lopez for the Nets?

The way the Nets came out to play at the start of the season, they would have had some difficulty beating a D-League squad. Although they did run into some bad fortune like Brook Lopez’s miss at the buzzer against the undefeated Warriors, their play as a whole has been unworthy for even Jay-Z to come out and watch.

As bad as the record might seem, it’s not all that bad for the Nets. Well I lied, the Nets have won 3 games this season out of 16. So it’s actually really bad.

On the bright side, there are 2 teams with records worse than the Nets (Lakers 2-13, Sixers 0-17). If this rate of play keeps up, there might be some wholesale changes coming to Brooklyn by the trade deadline.

The Nets have some pieces that other teams could use in exchange for some draft picks (considering the Nets don’t own the right to any picks until 2019). Although Joe Johnson hasn’t played up to his capabilities through the first few games of the season, he still remains a lethal scoring option in the league today. If the Nets make him expendable, there are plenty of teams that could use his talent. Since it has been the era of “homecomings”, there might even be a chance that he could return to Atlanta when it’s all set and done.

Another dispersible piece the Nets have is their starting point guard Jarrett Jack. Although his +/- for starting point guards is better left unsaid (ranking 36th in the NBA), he still is a solid point guard who can both start and be a great 2nd option off the bench. The Nets have been asking a lot out of him this year and thus far he’s done a great job being a vocal leader for the youngsters and the new arrivals on the team.

By trading both Joe Johnson and Jarrett Jack, the Nets can either acquire some new pieces to help with the rebuilding process or obtain some draft picks for the upcoming draft and the future as well.

Do I think that the Nets can turn it around and figure it out within the next few weeks? Yes, sure they can figure it out. They’ve played extremely inconsistent and haven’t really been blown out of the gym lately, instead not being able to find ways to finish strong in the fourth quarter. Therefore, I do believe the Nets can figure it out. But will it be worth it is the real question. The Eastern Conference isn’t the same as it was over the past few years. It’s gotten much tougher and there are more than just 3 legitimate teams.

Thus, if the Nets start reeling off some wins to end out the year and continue to do so to start the New Year, will it help them squeeze into the playoffs? Even if they do make the playoffs somehow, do we expect them to make any noise at all? With that being said, the days for Joe Johnson and Jarrett Jack in a Nets jersey seem to be limited.