Brooklyn Nets Making Moves

In the most recent 2016-2017 regular season, the Brooklyn Nets finished with a horrendous 20-62 record, the worst in the entire NBA. To add to the current disappointment of the franchise they have no first round picks in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft. While this may seem quite discouraging to a fan of the organization, there is still reason to believe that the team may be on the up and up. With the off-season in full swing, many teams are doing anything they can to make the adjustments they need to make their team better, and that is exactly what the Nets have already attempted to do. On June 20th, they successfully completed a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, another franchise that is amid current struggles. The deal was to send center, Brook Lopez and the 27th pick in the draft to the Lakers in exchange for guard, D’Angelo Russell, and center, Timofey Mozgov.

While Lopez was most certainly Brooklyn’s most accomplished player, it was a deal that made sense. With the Nets currently hitting a rock-bottom point in the franchise, there essentially was no point to hold on to 29 year-old Lopez. Right now, the team’s main goal is to rebuild, and in order to do that, they no to acquire younger players. That is exactly what they did with this trade. D’Angelo Russell is only 21 years old and is still learning in the league. The former second overall pick shows a lot of promise, and should make a good partner in Brooklyn’s back-court with point-guard Jeremy Lin. Brook Lopez did play a proportional role in the team, however Timofey Mozgov is a similar player, and might be able to take that role. While he is not the player Lopez is, Mozgov is a center that has proven himself in this league, already having a championship to his name. It may not be the best time to be a Brooklyn Nets fan, but with moves such as this trade, fans can only hope that the franchise is on the uprising. With the off-season just beginning, there could be many more moves for the Nets to make.