Brooklyn Nets Locks their Defense to Win against Dallas

Last weekend was packed with thrill and excitement for Brooklyn Nets fans as the team thrashed Dallas in a tight game. The game ended with the Nets winning 114-106 at Barclays Center. The game started on a high note with Brooklyn leading 11-0 at the start of the game. They pulled a 13 point lead midway through the second. However, Dallas proved to be a formidable opponent. Dallas finished the half on a 9-2 run. Dallas turned the heat on and closed the gap to three points before halftime. In the third, Dallas made a remarkable comeback and went on a 17-2 run and opened a 10-point lead.

Hollis-Jefferson scored 16 points in the second half. Additional baskets from Carroll ignited a thrilling comeback. It was the 20 points of the total 29 from these two players that gave the team a lead in the third quarter. Brooklyn pulled one on Dallas and stormed back to build a ten point lead with two and half minutes left on the clock. Dallas would not give up yet. Yogi Ferrell would score consecutively to reduce the lead to six points. By this time, only a few Brooklyn fans believed their team would win. They had seen the team fall even after enjoying a lead a few minutes to the final whistle. On March 5th, the Nets had lost to the Clippers even after enjoying an eight-point lead three minutes to time.

Last weekend was different, the Nets tightened their defense and strung together. Spencer Dinwiddie would then seal the game after making a shot that gave the Nets an eight-point lead a few seconds to time. Carroll carried the match in the second half for the Nets. His timely shots put a hold on a 17-2 Dallas run. Additionally, the NBA veteran kept a solid defense as his teammates advanced towards the Dallas half. When Dallas pulled a 10 point lead, Carrol told his teammates that they were not going to lose the game. He believed they were better and deserved to win. His conviction, perhaps, led to the team pulling a much-deserved win. Having played close games throughout the year, it was a teaching experience to come from behind and win the Saturday game. Its Carroll hopes that the Nets keep playing aggressively and defensively as it would guarantee more wins. The Saturday game brought the team to 22-48 on the season. On Monday night, Brooklyn Nets face Memphis Grizzlies. The Nets have an advantage of playing at home.