Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin Recruiting For Some Free Agent Prospects

If you have been following the Nets’ season, then you know that their roster could use a little help. Although the team was in a good position for a first pick during the draft, that dream came crashing down. This was in part due to the Celtics deciding to use their swap option because of a trade the Nets made four years prior. This caused the Nets to land at the 27th spot as well as having to still relinquish their draft pick for the 2018 season over the summer to the Boston Celtics.

But luckily, the Nets’ Jeremy Lin can hopefully turn a bad situation around by recruiting some good players.

With so much confidence in the Nets, Lin see’s no problem with the team being able to turn some free agents into teammates over the summer and has even mentioned that he will do his best to convince them to sign on.

Lin recently mentioned during an interview with that many ex-teammates have already been in contact with him and had expresed interest in joining him on the Nets roster. Lin stated that last year some of them had even asked to put in a good word for them to the management.

Lin stated, “Just last year alone, 5 previous teammates had gotten in contact with me, wanting to have me put in a good word for them to the management and to hopefully be traded to the Nets.”

Lin went on to express the frustrating part of missing games because of his hamstring injury. Nevertheless, maintaining a spiritual path that allowed him to stay positive through trusting God

Lin continued, “Whenever I know my mood is about to go sour because of an injury, I always turn to my faith in God and pray. I also trust in Him regarding the plan He has for me. This an important part of me. Right after I sustain any kind of injury, I immediately pray. This allows me to brush away any anger that I might feel.”

Lin is expected to make a full recovery and be ready to go before the start of the 2018 season.