#BringBackBartolo: Mets Must Re-Sign Colon

Andrew Theodorakis

Two years ago, Mets fans across the country were not too thrilled when Sandy Alderson gave a two year contract to 40 year old Bartolo Colon. This move seemed to have bust written all over it, as nobody knew how much longer Colon could continue his success this late in his career.

It turns out that the deal was worth every penny to the Mets as Colon has become one of the most reliable Mets pitchers during his tenure with the team. He has quickly turned into an instant fan favorite with his play on the field and actions off the field.

However, with Zach Wheeler set to return next season, Colon could be the odd man out with Wheeler set to join an already crowded rotation. If the Mets are smart, they do not let Colon walk this offseason.

By bringing him back, the Mets could have a solid middle inning option, a role where Colon has thrived min during the postseason. Inserting him into the middle reliever role can have enormous value in case one of the pitchers in the starting rotation suffers an injury. Colon could also be used an emergency starter, giving the team some spot starts if they choose to limit the innings of guys like Steven Matz, Zach Wheeler and even Noah Syndergaard.

Colon is a guy who has brought a lot of leadership to the pitching staff this season. With all of the young arms on the Mets’ pitching staff, it’s always key to have a veteran leader mixed in with them. A few years ago, the Mets had LaTroy Hawkins, who left a mark on Mets pitchers by introducing the quick pitch tactic to them. Colon is able to show these pitchers how to stay loose and not be surprised by anything. Every time he takes the mound, he displays a sense of confidence and relaxation that is very impressive. I believd that this has helped out the young pitchers tremendously after watching their performances so far in the playoffs. Having Bartlo around could only make them better, if that’s even possible.

A lot of things can happen. He could want to remain a starting pitcher and go after a nice contract. He could finish off his career as an effective reliever. He could retire after winning his first World Series. In the end, the Mets should try their best to keep Bartolo Colon with the team until his long career is over.