Biggest Stories From Giants Training Camp

Training Camp

Training camp is a time before every season where teams have the opportunity to practice. Although the practices are less formal, it is still an excellent way to assess where a team stands. The Giants had a disappointing 2017 season. The team lost more games than ever before in franchise history. After the head coach and general manager were fired, the new team leadership made massive changes to the roster. There are several major storylines to follow during this training camp.

Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham is one of the most talented players in the entire NFL. When he is healthy, it is tough for any defense to stop him. Eli Manning believes he is the best wide receiver in the league.

However, Beckham had a significant injury that caused him to miss most of the 2017 season. It will be interesting to see if Beckham returns to full strength for the 2018 season.

The Giants are currently negotiating a contract extension with Beckham. He wants to become the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. The Giants do not have a ton of extra cap space to utilize. Although most people think that a deal will get done, it is still a story to follow during training camp.

Quarterback Progression

Eli Manning has been an excellent quarterback for the Giants franchise. However, he is getting older, and many people think a replacement needs to be ready. The Giants surprised many NFL experts by passing on a quarterback in the latest draft. With this move, the team is demonstrating confidence in the current quarterbacks on the roster.

Davis Webb is the current backup to Manning. Although he has some experience in games, few people think he is the future of the franchise. The Giants need to prioritize the quarterback position in the next draft.