Aaron Judge’s bad day in Office

New Yankees Aaron Judge registered complicated results on Monday in their match against the Tigers. His performance left Aaron Boone speechless. All he had to say about Judge is ‘unflappable’. Judge struck eight times during the match that had them held in Toronto. According to Baseball Almanac and statistics by STATS, this was a significant league record for the live-ball era. By any definition that was also a long day at the office.

After the Yankees had a split day with the Tigers, Judge commented saying that the day was ended, which could also be termed as a terrible day. Judge, however, said that the beauty of baseball is when two competitive teams meet and try to prove their prowess at the pitch. He added that all that was needed is a fresh start. In the opener, Judge made three powerful strikes, walked majestically and then grounded out. He also fanned two times while looking and other three times while swinging in the second match.

According to Aaron Boone, that was just the nature of his at-bats. Boone said that Judge always gets lost in the counts. Also, he takes several close pitches that make him have such occasional days. Boone continued to say that he could have just made a smooth swing on one. However, Boone was not contented whether Judge was fazed by that at all.

Boone had earlier said that he might have Judge seated down during their match in Toronto. This was not in any connection of their long day. He had prior considered this before they made the trip. Giancarlo Stanton, a teammate with Judge, argued that he had absolutely nothing to worry about his colleague. He had total confidence in him.

Stanton commented saying that Judge always had a way of bouncing back. He said that he had at one time fallen a victim of the same situation. After some time, one always bounces back to the game. He insisted that Judge’s issue was minor and that all they need in Toronto is confidence and full support from the fans. Judge said that the opponents were hitting spots on the corners. He added that if opponent’s play corners in specific counts, it had the making of a terrible day in the office. Judge insisted that what happened in the past should remain in the past because it never helps in future endeavors. What is important is to learn from the mistake and match forward.