Aaron Judge Mashes Another Home Run, Closes in on Uncomfortable Record

Aaron Judge is the pride and joy of pretty much every fan in the New York area — even those Mets fans across town. Judge has brought more than just Major League power to the plate for the New York Yankees, he has brought with him hope and optimism that the storied franchise will soon get back to their days of glory. The first half of the 2016 – 2017 season was glorious for Judge as he was mashing home runs, getting on base, and hitting around .330. Since the All Star Break everything has changed. Still, Judge is keeping his head up despite closing in on a historical marker that he’d likely soon forget — the strikeout record.

Far from just a two-outcome player, Aaron Judge’s recent strikeout slump can be attributed to many things. This is his first full season in the MLB and pitchers might be starting to adjust. Judge might also be starting to wear down a little bit. No matter the reason it is hard to ignore the fact that Judge is hitting just .285 since the All Star Break and he is striking out at an alarming rate. In fact, Judge is second in the MLB in strike outs this year behind Miguel Sano of the Minnesota Twins.

As Judge just recently launched another home run into outer space, pushing it into the 536 Section of Yankee Stadium, he also punched out at the plate again. This strike out was the 33rd straight game that Judge struck out at the plate. This is the longest consecutive game strike out streak of all time for a non-pitcher. If Judge strikes out in his next game he will exclusively hold the record for most strike outs in consecutive games of all time. That’s not exactly the kind of record you want to hold.

Still, Judge hasn’t been focused on the bad. He’s been focused on getting the game going again for the suddenly struggling New York Yankees. In the first half of the season the Yankees were the pride of the AL East despite a roster of young upstarts and unproven veterans. Now, after Judge’s struggles have continued, the Yankees find themselves suddenly scratching and clawing to get back into pole position in the AL East. New York finds themselves looking up at the Boston Red Sox. As of this writing the Yankees are 4.5 games back of the Boston Red Sox.