Wow. I honestly didn’t know when this day would come. The National League East champion New York Mets! After years of high hopes in April, disappointing summers, and meaningless Septembers, the Mets are finally headed to play some October baseball. Was the nine year wait worth it?


This division crown means more than just a playoff spot for the Mets. After the loss of Jose Reyes to free agency after the 2011 season, the Mets had hit rock bottom. The duo of Reyes and David Wright had been broken up, and Met fans had no idea what was coming next.

New General Manager Sandy Alderson made it clear that he had no intention on spending big anytime soon. The method of constructing the roster would be different from how the 2006 team was built. It was going to take a lot longer as well. Season after season, new bright spots emerged for the Mets.

But still, fans would have to wait for next year, with higher hopes on the horizon.

In 2015, these hopes turned into a reality for Mets fans. They are no longer the laughing stock of the National League anymore. When you go for a subway ride wearing Mets apparel, no avid Yankee fans are screaming “Mets suck!” anymore. These Mets have brought a new wave of excitement into the city that hasn’t been present since those final years at Shea Stadium.

This NL East title means that the Mets are here to stay for the long run. This team is built for the long term, thanks to a successful re-tooling of talent from Alderson and devoted managing from Terry Collins. This division crown has brought a long awaited relief to suffering Mets fans across the country.

Hopefully, this division victory isn’t the only thing the 2015 New York Mets are remembered for years from now.