It is not possible for a team to back into the playoffs any more than the Yankees did in 2015, but they enter Tuesday’s Wild Card game with a record of 0-0. Masahiro Tanaka will take the mound against Dallas Keuchel hoping to propel his team to a date with the Kansas City Royals in the ALDS.

Yankees fans, we all know how frustrating/disappointing/unbearable it was to watch the team over the past week or two, but here are 5 reasons to #StayFaithful about our Bronx Bombers in this year’s postseason:

Carlos Beltran’s Impressive Playoff Statistics

4 Line Faithful: The reason Beltran is on this team is because we need him for October. He is a career .333 hitter with a 1.128 ops in the postseason. In only 51 games, the guy has 16 homeruns and 40 runs batted in, proving that he’s a freak in the playoffs when it matters most. I know all New Yorkers remember his strike out in Game 6 with the Mets, but that was one at-bat and he did have 3 home runs in that series alone. There is nobody on the team that we would rather have up in a big spot than him.

A Legitimate Ace

Steven Tsakanikas: In 2014, the New York Yankees inked Masahiro Tanaka to a 7 year, $155 million deal hoping he would become the ace of the staff. He was dominant last season before an injury, but wasn’t the Tanaka we were accustomed to seeing early on this year. As of late, he’s become a stopper, a streak-ender, and an ace. In September, he recorded a 3.06 ERA and a 2-1 record thanks to the struggling offense. The bottom line is that Masahiro Tanaka is who we want to see on the mound in big games.

Joe Girardi’s Postseason Success

4LF: When it comes to big games, you need a great manager at the helm and I believe we have one in Joe Girardi. This man just knows how to win as he has an outstanding .553 Winning Percentage as a manager in the playoffs. Not only does he win in the postseason, but he knows how to win on the biggest of stages as he led us to a title in 2009. This wasn’t his first championship as he also won three rings as a player in 1996, 1998 and 1999 with, you guessed it, the New York Yankees. With a deep playoff run this year, he can solidify himself as an all-time great manager.

The Backend Of Our Bullpen Is Lethal

Andrew Miller has been vital to New York's success this season as they hope to reenact this photo multiple times in October. Christopher Pasatieri
Andrew Miller has been vital to New York’s success this season as they hope to reenact this photo multiple times in October. Christopher Pasatieri

ST: With all the uncertainty surrounding the Yankees’ bullpen lately, I’m looking at you Chasen Shreve, Andrew Bailey, Bryan Mitchell and Chris Capuano, the trio of Justin Wilson, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller has been consistent all season long. All three relievers have an ERA of 3.1 or below which is exceptional considering how much they’ve been used this season by Joe Girardi. The starting rotation has been less than stellar night in and night out, but as long as the rotation was able to give the Yankees 6 innings with the team still in contention, New York was in good hands.

We Are The Yankees

4LF: We may come off as cocky, but when you have won 27 championships, winning is in our blood. Simply stated, we are the most decorated franchise in MLB history and we expect to add another title this year. From Aaron Boone to Jeffrey Maier, New York fully expects a new hero to arise and lead us to a championship every postseason. The only question is who will it be this year?

What is the reason you will #StayFaithful to the Yankees this postseason? Let us know in the comments below!

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