3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

Aug 13, 2015; New York, NY, USA; The New York City FC pose for a team photo prior to taking on the D.C. United in their soccer match at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

QNet is the leading Asian direct selling company and it has enjoyed a fruitful partnership for the past three years. The two first came together in April of 2014, allowing QNET to become the official direct selling partner for the football club. Given that at the time, QNET was a fairly young direct selling company, this major partnership afforded the company a colossal strategic platform for the elevation of their brand. Additionally, the partnership delivered the company’s Independent Representatives with an impeccably large reach. Both Manchester City and QNET are excited about the three-year extension that has been set forth for their partnering.

The current three-year deal that was recently announced ensures that QNET will be the official Direct Selling Partner of the Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) until the year 2020. This new agreement with allow QNET the ability to continue the expansion of its global brand presence as well as create a more diverse marketing platform.

For those that may not be aware, QNET is the subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies. Additionally, QNET is the direct selling flagship of its parent company. QNET sells a wide range of differing products to consumers from independent distributors in greater than 100 countries. The products are made available to consumers through a platform of e-commerce. This is a company that has agencies and offices globally along with more than 50 stockists.

The Senior Vice-President for City Football Group, Damian Willoughby, has been quoted as stating that he was quite pleased with having the company onboard for another trio of years. This excitement is said to be due to the fact that the “respective businesses have enjoyed sustained growth and are set for success in the years ahead.”

Willoughby also believes that as the Club enters the upcoming English Premier League season, they “have a unique opportunity to connect with both our local and global fans and create unforgettable memories. According to the Chief Executive Officer of QNET, Trevor Kuna, contends, “we are absolutely thrilled with this on-going partnership with Manchester City.” Overall, the relationship between the two brands is quite significant due to the fact that they are both keen on tackling the challenges that lead to success. It does need to be noted that there has been no public mention of value that has been put on the renewal of this agreement between the duo of brands.

This renewed relationship between the two brands will allow them to interact and engage with the variant of global communities that connect the key markets of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group has been confirmed as stating that he chose to align with MCFC due to their shared social commitment.

Eswaran is known for his express passion towards philanthropy. He has successfully demonstrated this via a variety of activities. He is responsible for the establishment of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind” Foundation (RYTHM) as well as the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of the QI Group. Eswaran also went on to found the Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF), the Malaysian chapter of the QI Group in the year 2006. The foundation is the namesake of his father S. Viyaratnam who himself was deeply engaged in charitable works. This is a foundation that facilitates the implementation and the design of a variant of projects and initiatives. This is done via the work with private and public sectors, the philanthropic community, and civil society. The focus of the foundation is on causes in a total of four main areas that include the following: the environment, culture, community development and education.

Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

It does also need to be noted that Vijay Eswaran has decided to share his acquired knowledge with others. He has become quite a respected motivational speaker who lectures around the world on a variant of subjects that range from spirituality to business. The audiences that he inspires include leading universities, leadership conferences such as the Commonwealth Business Forums at CHOGM and the World Economic Forum. He is also a best-selling writer that provided the world with the life management book “Sphere of Silence”. Additional publications of Eswaran include the following: On the Wings of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones and In the Thinking Zone.

As 80% shareholders this could be good news for NYCFC as well. These are the types of big time partnerships that are needed for owners to trickle down money to their development clubs. While we all know MLS isn’t quite ready to compete on the world stage, it is becoming something of a developmental league. For the time being, it’s really important for deals like these to go down, so that we can keep the money flowing and keep developing our youth players. All NYCFC fans are hopeful this means more money for youth development, but also for buying marquee players like the Lampards and Pirlos of the past.