Justin Pugh Football ProCamp

Justin Pugh Football ProCamp

Justin Pugh held his first annual Citi Football ProCamp on June 7th in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  During the media portion of the camp, I had a chance to ask Justin a few questions about the upcoming season.

Alex Milack: First and foremost, I know you’re a Syracuse alum so how important to you is it to give back to the New York/New Jersey area?

Justin Pugh: It’s huge.  Being from the area, basically where I grew up, I’m North East through and through.  Syracuse football program was great to me and put me on the map to help me get where I am today and I’m definitely thankful for that.  Hopefully I can inspire a few kids to be Orangemen someday.

AM: You are moving from tackle to guard.  What has been the biggest difference and hardest transition?

Justin Pugh took some time to answer a few questions from our Giants Author, Alex Milack.

JP:  Everything happens a lot quicker inside because the guys are lined up right over you, but I like it.  I’m taking it in stride and I love the position.  I mean I just want to win, I don’t care where I’m at on the field as long as we’re winning games.  I think putting me at guard is definitely going to give us a better chance so we can bring some guys in at tackles and really make something happen. It’s definitely going to be exciting, we are going to put points up on the board.

AM: I know with the Beatty injury, Ereck Flowers is going to be thrown into the fire early.  How has he looked at OTA’s?

JP:  Great.  I mean he’s a massive guy and he’s going to step in and play great.  We need him to.  I mean we drafted him ninth overall and it’s something that I went through and we’ll find out what he’s made of real quick.

AM:  How is it entering the 2nd season with Ben Mcadoo as the Offensive Coordinator?

JP: Love it.  Love coach, he’s the man.  I think our offense is going to get better and better under him. I think that we started snowballing last year towards the end of the year and really got going, so I’m excited to see where we go this year, and I know so is coach.  We got some weapons this year. I mean getting Cruz back to add to Odell, Rueben, along with Rashad, Vereen and Andre.  I know we’re going to make some plays.

It reinforces what we know about the potential of this Giants offensive attack.  There’s no doubt Pugh will need to play at a high level to allow the loaded offensive weapons to make plays.  He looks and sounds ready to make some noise headed into the 2015 season.